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Coming to the PC in January 2017


Whilst we admit that this is no triple A graphics blockbuster it is compensated for by the outstanding gameplay, storyline and replayability..

  • 20 individual levels each with its own set of exclusive rules
  • A final Boss level where you take on The Retentive Mainframe in a level to end all boss-levels!
  • Our revolutionary ‘Edge & Execution’ A.I algorithm is like nothing you have seen before. The Retentive will hunt you down as a pack – they re-evaluate their tactics with your every move, they wait, they hide, they pounce.
  • Collect power ups through the levels – Nerve Bomb, Time Slow, accelerator, neutraliser and many more.
  • Linear storyline but with depth to keep you intrigued throughout the game.
  • Fantastic soundtrack by dance act Celestial.
  • Hours of recorded Audio from your A.I assistant Eve
  • Steam achievement if purchased via steam