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Coming to the PC in January 2017

Developers Diary 14th February 2017

Had a break over the Christmas period and that together with family members becoming very ill, this has taken its toll on progress on the Deliver us from evil game . That being said, after the release on steam Greenlight, I have decided to halt further progress until it gets greenlit. However, therein lies 2 main issues; firstly, The traffic to the page sloped off very quickly and is now trickling in at around 20 views a week and secondly, steam are revamping the whole greenlighting system anyway so I am waiting to see how it will affect those of us already in the system.

Despite the low numbers visiting the Deliver us from evil steam page, I am still getting around 30% of people voting positively for the game which is a pretty darn good response as the steamers can be very critical.

Will pop an update in next month.

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