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Coming to the PC in January 2017

The Game

Take a survival horror game, combine it with a game of strategy, flavour it with a  sprinkling of 3D PacMan and then glaze and cook for 6 months and what do you get?
The game ‘Deliver us from evil’, D.U.F.E, a title  so mixed up that its difficult to pigeon hole its genre. Putting a twist on the modern 3D horror survival genre mixed with a retro 2D gameplay how will you play?

There is no claim here that the graphical aspects to the game are of a ‘triple A’ quality because we believe that gameplay should always be the top priority for  a designer. That’s where this game delivers, and in our minds it surpasses the gameplay of the majority of  graphically intense titles in the marketplace today.

If you want a realistic and highly polished  sandboxed world then this possibly isn’t the game for you, whereas if you are looking for a title packed with gameplay and an intriguing storyline, then read on.

“If gameplay be the food of life then play on!”

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This is an adrenalaine pumped high octane game not for the faint hearted.
You can’t just shoot your way out of trouble – you must think your way out!

So what is the game about?
Unlike any other game around, this is a shoot-em up pacman for the thinking man. With a limited supply of ammo, calculate what and when you shoot. With many variations on how you complete a level you can’t be blamed for returning to the game to shave a few seconds off your personal best time. That is not to say this game is time based, far from it, but the option is there if you want that competitive edge and the steam version will be linked to the steam achievements system so you can see how your scores rank in the world.

Who or what are The Retentive?
The Retentive is a collective term for an evil sentient species that will hunt you down on every level of the game to extract your life-force . You must use cunning, thought and guise to succeed and you will not complete any of the twenty levels easily, indeed each one may take you several attempts.

be amazed at how our revolutionary ‘Edge & Execution’ A.I algorithm organises the in-game Retentive to work together to suck the very life from your bones – its very very frightening.

You are equipped with a  H.U.D and radar, (a-la-pacman style), controlled by an A.I. chip implant known as an Evolved Virtual Entity or (E.V.E) for short and she will be your guide  throughout the game.

The very first level finds you teleported into the Retentive’s containment area, a place for holding the newly arrived Rogue Host Zombies, RHZ, that have developed an appetite to regain their life force. E.V.E has arranged your teleportation to coincide with an event on a distant planet meaning that there is only one RHZ in the area and only three Retentive Sentries.

In your favour on this level you will find that the Retentive Sentries are slower than normal because they are planet side; take time to get to know your systems and use this situation to your advantage. Make no mistake, the Sentries  do get faster in the next levels, their form will change and indeed their numbers will increase.

However, you will find power ups in subsequent levels to level the playing field and you will need to collect these if you are to succeed in the final ‘boss’ level where your mission is to take down the Retentive mainframe.