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Coming to the PC in January 2017

Developer’s Diary 17th August 2016

Well, I am sad to say that no coding has taken place for over a week as I am working on SEO stuff. However, I have more-or-less achieved results with my ” deliver us from evil game’ search results giving a 1st page on Bing and 3rd page on Google. Google is the harder nut to crack but it is sneaking up on a daily basis.

The ultimate test is to get it on the first page of both Google and Bing with just ‘Deliver us from evil’ but I am up against the film of the same title and many biblical references – we shall see.

I have had a look at transferring the coding to the Mac but this is more complicated than I thought so will be shelving for the short term. Lets see how the PC version fairs once submitted to greenlight. It may get a slating – who knows 🙂


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