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Coming to the PC in January 2017

Developer’s Diary 5th December 2016

It’s been a while since I posted but, as the site is not officially live yet and has no visitors I guess it doesn’t really matter except for me.
Well the 2 level demo is finished – still a few bugs in it but they don’t break the game so, over the next few days I am finishing off this website and will be going for greenlight on steam.

I have probably played through the game around 500 times for debugging and am sick of the sight of it! It is a pretty good game though, even if I say so myself and I am now on with the remaining 19 levels though I will wait for valid feedback from the steam community and my learned fellow designers on the engines’s forum before I progress any further.

Am just struggling at the moment to get the demo up for download – the file is around 800MB but the site doesn’t like it.

Will be ready soon.

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