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Developer’s Diary Aug 10th 2016

Hi folks, thought it was time to publish a blog/diary on my upcoming title ‘ deliver us from evil’ and, if anything, it will serve as a reminder of what’s gone on for myself.
I started on this project in the middle of June so have been working on it in the evenings for nearly 8 weeks.
The engine is built and level one is just about complete save for a bit of debugging and polishing.

Have started on level two which should be ready in a week or so but I am focussing on getting the support network up and running and getting the site on the first page of google and bing.

Also am in the process of moving house so this could delay things a little but. hey, who knows.

My main headache at the moment is who is my target audience? Is it the strategist, the shoot em up buff or the casual gamer? I’m inclined to go with all three but I can’t do this can I? Also what age group? My little 6 year old is not that keen on the game but hey, he’s young and doesn’t play shoot-em-ups. There is a bit of violence and horror in the game which may make it a 15+ but ‘the Jury is out’.

Currently working on:

Level two map design,25%
The Retentive audio  0%
The Retentive animations  0%

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One comment on “Developer’s Diary Aug 10th 2016

10th August 2016 at 2:14 am

Looking good!


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